CMM-12-680 R CNC Camless Multi-Axis Rotary Wire Spring Former

Special design equipped with:

• Servo Feed
• Rotary Wire
• Rotary Quill
• Single Spinner
• Optional Second Spinner
• 8 Servo Slides
• Optional X-Y Slide  (X-Y free arm that moves perpendicular to servo slide – 6.0mm Max Wire Limit)

1. A special Camless design equipped with custom tooling enables our series of spring machines to easily produce a variety of springs and wire forms.
2. Utilizes double rail guides to facilitate lasting accuracy on slide movements.
3. Advanced attachments such as an x-y free arm and a second spinner tool can be optionally equipped.
4. Machine architecture provides automatic fault detection and warning system.
5. Dual spinner support and an x-y free arm attachment add versatility to setups.

Specifications and parameters (1 inch = 25.4 mm):
MODEL CMM-12-680 R Wire Former
Wire Diameter 3.6-8.0mm (Spring Wire)
Maximum Wire Feed 1000.00mm
Minimum Wire Feed 0.01mm
Maximum Wire Feed Speed 28 m/min
Maximum Wire Feed Length Unlimited
Number Of Axis 12 (Up to 16)
Power 65.5 kW
Voltage 220V
Voltage Regulator Power 70 KW
Software Industrial Grade
Program Storage 2500
Air Compressor System Air pressure 5-6 kg/cm
Pin 3
Dimensions Depth 3600mm
Width 2220mm
Height 2310mm
Machine Weight 7000 kg

12-680 R Full Capabilities Video – YouTube Link:

Sample 01 – Wire Form – YouTube link:

Sample 02 – Double Torsion – YouTube link:

 Wire Dusseldorf – Torsion Spring – YouTube link:

Sample 04 – Torsion Spring – YouTube link:

Sample 05– Torsion Spring –  YouTube link:

Sample 6 – Torsion Spring – YouTube link:

Sample 7 –  Torsion Spring – YouTube link:

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