CMM-15-660R CNC Camless Multi-Axis Rotary Wire Spring Former


Special design equipped with:


  • Servo Feed
  • Rotary Wire
  • Rotary Quill
  • Quill In/Out
  • Single Spinner
  • Optional Second Spinner or duo spinner
  • 8 Servo Slides
  • X-Y Slide (Full size slide, 12 o’ clock position only, slide A)
  • Coiling Spinner module (Can only be mounted to A slide)
  • X-Y Slide module (X-Y lateral slide that moves perpendicular to servo slide –  Max wire limit 5.0mm )
  • A special Camless design equipped with custom tooling enables our series of spring machines to easily produce a variety of springs and wire forms.
  • Utilizes double rail guides to facilitate lasting accuracy on slide movements.
  • Advanced attachments such as an x-y free arm and a second spinner tool can be optionally equipped.

Machine architecture provides automatic fault detection and warning system

MODEL CMM-15-660 R Wire Former
Wire Diameter 2.8-6.0mm (Spring Wire)
Maximum Wire Feed 1000.00mm
Minimum Wire Feed 0.01mm
Maximum Wire Feed Speed 28m/min
Maximum Wire Feed Length Unlimited
Number Of Axis 15-24
Power 72.2-85KW
Voltage 220V
Software Industrial
Program Storage 2500
Voltage Regulator Power 45KW Minimum
Air Compressor System Air pressure 5-6 kg/cm
Pin 5
Dimensions Depth 3900mm
Width 2186mm
Height 2200mm
Machine Weight 10,000kg

15-660 R Full Capabilities Video  – YouTube Link:

Dusseldorf Wire Expo 2018 Dusseldorf 15-660 R

Sample 1  15-660 R Sample 1 Wire Forms

Sample 2 15-660 R Sample 2 Wire & Spring Forms:

Spring World 2018   Spring World Demonstration