CMM-8-600 WB CNC Camless Multi-Axis Hybrid Wire Bender

CMM-8-600 WB

CMM-8-600 WB

Special design equipped with:

• Rotary Wire
• Servo Feed
• Spinner UP/DOWN axis
• Table UP/DOWN axis
• Duo Spinner
• Wire stabilizer slide
• Servo Cutter

1. Utilizes double rail guides and rotary dial for each servo slide to ensure accuracy and sufficient torque.
2. Supports up to 4.0 mm spring wire and 6.0 mm soft wire.
3. A solid hardware system facilitates uninterrupted production and precise bends and forms.
4. Machine architecture provides automatic fault detection and warning system.
5. Multi-language support and user-friendly software.
6. A great entry model for a hybrid wire former and bender.

Specifications and parameters (1 inch = 25.4 mm):
MODEL CMM-8-600 WB Wire Bender
Wire Diameter 2.0-4.0 mm (Spring Wire) / 2.5-6.0 mm (Soft Wire)
Maximum Wire Feed 1000.00mm
Minimum Wire Feed 0.01mm
Maximum Wire Feed Speed 60m / min
Maximum Wire Feed Length Unlimited
Number Of Axis 8
Power 20 kW
Voltage 220V
Software Industrial Grade
Program Storage 2500
Air Compressor System Air pressure 5-6 kg/cm
Pin 3
Dimensions Depth 3039mm
Width 1400mm
Height 1700mm
Machine Weight 4500 kg
Sample 01 Wire Form – YouTube Link:
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